Who needs to do their job? Nobody!

Because I did not vote for the current governor and because I do not like many of the policies he and the Republican legislature pass, I have decided that I will not, from now and until the public elects the people I believe should be in office, do my job. I mean, I’ll show up and sit in my office and interact with my fellow workers…but get anything done? What? Why?

Of course I still expect that my salary, my health care, and my retirement all be paid for by my employer. But seriously, how can anyone expect me to get any work done when I am still not done pouting after a term and a half with a governor I did not personally certify and approve of with my vote? After all, I am just being a responsible patriot and following the lead of U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell. Right? After all, shouldn’t our elected officials serve as models as to how the rest of us should behave?

Of course they should! I am just following along.

This means you too should phone your local media outlets and let them know that you are in on the revolution too! Let the pundits know where you disagree with, well…with whatever! Your boss backed the Broncos and you wanted to dab all night with the Panthers? Good enough my friend! Lay done your tools, refuse to attend to a patient, just kick back and do nothing. Nothing except complain about how you don’t want to do your job until you feel the American people have spoken! In your favor of course! And if they don’t, keep on pouting!

Never mind that there was a presidential election a few years back and the people did speak and elect that fella in the White House. Declare that you don’t agree with that vote and that your ability to do your job hinges on the next election. And if that doesn’t go your way? Friends, there is always a future election! Pick the next election cycle and sit down in front of that company computer, log onto your favorite server and whack zombies until it’s time to go home!

Just tell your boss Mitch McConnell is demonstrating that it should not be the expectation of the folks who trust in you to carry out your duties, for you to…carry out your duties! I am certain he or she will understand. Maybe your boss has a boss too, he can join in our pout until we all get what we want revolution!

What’s that? You there, in the back of the room? You say that nothing will get done? Sometimes we have to work with folks we are not friends with? Sometimes we don’t get everything we want and we have to compromise with others? Doing parts of a job that we don’t like is part of being an adult? Excuse me, would you please step a bit more into the light, who are you? Mom! What’s that you say? Stop being childish and get to work? You’ll cut off my allowance? Drat!

Well, fine maybe I’ll share a bit more, but only if Senator McConnell’s mom calls him and tells him to put down his pacifier and get to work too.

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