The Resurgence of White Hate

It is long past time to accurately label the GOP as the party of white hatred. New laws discriminating against LGBTQ folks are just the latest step demonstrating that the GOP has decided that fear and hatred of anyone who is not straight and white are their brands and their best way to success in elections.

This fall Americans will not be faced with a choice between Democrats and Republicans, they will instead be faced with a choice between being an accepting, multi-cultural society or being a country that embraces hatred and exclusion as the hallmarks of our nation.

Folks who favor and accept the concept of America as a melting pot, whether they are traditionally liberal, conservative, or moderate will have to cast their votes based not on political ideology, rather they will have to cast their votes based on what sort of country they want themselves and future generations to live in.

While there certainly is merit to assertions that cancel culture has too often gone too far (mainly by passing judgment ahead of evidence), it is not equivalent to believe that hatred is equal to or less harmful than its counterpart. Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Trump are all hate filled, white power extremists. It is also not too far to state that in order to support these folks is to support hatred. There comes a point when, whether one holds some values in common with any such folks, one must make a moral choice between supporting acceptance or supporting hatred.

Today’s GOP presents not a choice between political ideologies, rather today’s GOP presents a choice between a loving, welcoming, diverse society, or a closed, cruel society of hatred and fear.

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