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Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

Great game for the PS5. I started this game at the beginning of December 2021 and finished it over this year’s holiday break. As the middling gamer that I am, I did not have a lot of trouble with the skill elements in the game. The best thing about this game is its sense of fun and humor. The weapons you get to dispense baddies with and the baddies themselves are hilarious. Comments from your enemies are cartoon funny and they respond differently to different types of attacks. My favorite was the response to being electrocuted.

The controls are easy to learn and you can change the level of difficulty at any time in case you are having trouble with a particular boss or challenge. The game does require a player to be quick with jumps and speed elements at times, but if you’ve played any of the platformers like Mario, Sonic, etc. the stunts you need to perform will be pretty easy to learn.

I’m not into overly long reviews of games and if you want to view how to do certain things in the game you can easily find those on YouTube. There isn’t anything really objectionable in the game for parents to worry about. Sophomoric, cartoon humor is prevalent throughout, but not obscene. Lots of blowing baddies to bits in a variety of ways, so if that’s not your thing for your kids, ok. If you are wondering whether you should throw your dollars at this game and you enjoy colorful, intuitive, and entertaining gameplay, this one is worth your money and time.

Middle Aged Gamer

First off, I am not a gamer of any note at all.  Discord, Twitch?  Those are disagreements with others and what my right eye begins to do when a staff member enters my office and says, “So you think we’ve seen everything?  Wait’ll you hear this…”

I am a longtime, mediocre at best, game player of many decades.  When Pong came out I spent many hours bouncing that square “ball” between stick “players” at a neighbor’s house.  I’ve watched game play change while owning Atari, Sega, Nintendo, and PlayStation consoles.  In order to snag a PlayStation 5 I signed up for Tweets whenever the system was dropped somewhere and eventually scored one through a Best Buy in Green Bay (an hour and a half drive south from our home in da Yoop—worth it!).


When we tried to grow regular old bell peppers, they never ripened. So we tried jalapeños and they did very well. That’s great as Ian and I enjoy adding the canned peppers to meals throughout the year!

Why gardening?

I love being in our garden. Folks not from the U.P. are often surprised at the gardening we can do here. As you can see, these delphiniums are quite happy–that’s them not yet at their complete height! Our home here has a lot of room for gardening and I’ve been slowly getting rid of sod since we moved in here eight years ago. Why? Because I keep running out of space for my plants!

Gardening is pretty much the opposite of my job. Plants never complain, they work hard to be the best they can be, and if they are weeds I can yank them up by their roots!

This fall I chewed up a big section of sod. I got as far as planting some bulbs in November before we had our first snow. There’ll be more work to do in the spring…but more room for plants!

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