Letters to Congressional Leadership

Democracy needs everyone’s participation. I wrote similar letters to Sen. McConnell and Speaker Ryan:

Dear Senator McConnell,

I am writing you today to call on you to fulfill your oath of office to protect and uphold our Constitution. The conflicts of interest on display by President Trump and members of his administration are flagrant, alarming, and dangerous to our nation and all of its citizens.

I feel it is unlikely that you are unaware of the numerous ways President Trump has clear conflicts of interest, so I will not list them. I do worry that, perhaps, in your role as Majority Leader, you may have lost clear focus on your duty to put our nation ahead of any party preference or politics. While it is your role to serve and speak for the majority party in Congress, I also believe that such a role bears with it the responsibility to lead in matters pertaining to the upholding of our Constitution. Should you ignore or shirk your duty to protect our rules and ethics, you do damage to the image of all of us and our nation.

Moreover, as a father, you are a role model for your children and for all of the children in America. What would you tell them about your promise to uphold the Constitution in the face of flagrant violation of the same? Would you tell them it is ok to ignore your sworn duty if the person violating the law is someone on the same team as you? Is your friend? Is someone you work with? Is this your message to the children of our nation? As a fellow father, I certainly hope not. I hope we agree that such a father is seriously derelict in his role as a dad.

If Mr. Trump and his cronies are allowed to continue in their abuse of office for personal gain without any sort of reprimand or investigation, serious damage will be done to our nation. This damage is as serious and dangerous as any treasonous action taken by any citizen. If you take no action you and the Senate are in league with such behavior. I worry as to how long our country can hold together when the political center is flagrantly corrupt and abusive of the very foundations our forefathers set down.

That yours is a heavy task which requires bravery is of no question. I am calling on you to be the person your role as Majority Leader promises. The nation and the world are looking to you for the moral and ethical leadership that is clearly needed.

I hope to be proud of your patriotism in defense of our values and our Constitution.

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