Lou Steigerwald, Ed.S.

The Resurgence of White Hate

It is long past time to accurately label the GOP as the party of white hatred. New laws discriminating against LGBTQ folks are just the latest step demonstrating that the GOP has decided that fear and hatred of anyone who is not straight and white are their brands and their best way to success in elections. This fall Americans will not be faced with a choice between Democrats and Republicans, they will instead be faced […]

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The DeVos Family and Limitless Greed

Now that Betsy DeVos is no longer a national scourge and ironic choice for federal education secretary, she has returned to Michigan and reset her sights on attacking public education in Michigan. Her Let Kids Learn campaign is nothing less than a Trojan horse for school voucher. Vouchers themselves are Trojan horse for tax breaks for the wealthy. Michigan’s voters have rejected voucher campaigns twice already. Betsy and her family have restructured vouchers into “opportunity

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Superintendent Gamers!

When I tell most folks my age that the PS5 in our home is mine and not my kids’ I am most often met with a little grin and “really?” When I tell them, yup, it’s mine and if my kids are lucky I will let them game on it, I usually elicit a brief laugh and then we move on to another topic. I don’t think some folks entirely believe me! That’s why my

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1st Workout Music List of 2022

Helped during resistance workout today! Nino-The Linda LindasOh Well-Deep PurpleGood Ones-Charlie XCXSpike the Punch-Alex LaheySkinny Dipping—Stand AtlanticKnead-Illumanati HottiesPool Hopping-Illumanati HottiesWhen I’m Gone-Alesso & Katie PerryCould Have Been Me-HalseyRaspberry Beret-PrinceMonsters-All Time LowSugar, Were’ Goin’ Down-Fall Out BoySong 2-BlurAre You Gonna Go My Way-Lenny KravitzGood Times Bad Times-Led ZepplinBring Me to Life-EvanescenceOblivion-Royal BloodTake My Breath-The WeekndEnemy-Imagine DragonsDirty Little Animals-Bones UKDon’t Be so Hard on Yourself-Alex LaheyYou Will Never Work in Television Again-The SmileChampagne Problems-InnaCola Song-InnaGot You-Potty MouthNot

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Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

Great game for the PS5. I started this game at the beginning of December 2021 and finished it over this year’s holiday break. As the middling gamer that I am, I did not have a lot of trouble with the skill elements in the game. The best thing about this game is its sense of fun and humor. The weapons you get to dispense baddies with and the baddies themselves are hilarious. Comments from your

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Middle Aged Gamer

First off, I am not a gamer of any note at all.  Discord, Twitch?  Those are disagreements with others and what my right eye begins to do when a staff member enters my office and says, “So you think we’ve seen everything?  Wait’ll you hear this…” I am a longtime, mediocre at best, game player of many decades.  When Pong came out I spent many hours bouncing that square “ball” between stick “players” at a

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