About Me

Welcome to my blog.  This is a space for items that interest me. If you find them interesting too, great. If not, great and have a lovely day! On a given day I may write about my family, food, wine, gardening, the unworldly pain that comes with being a Lions fan, or things that interest me related to my profession-education.

I currently live and work in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. If you have never visited the U.P., you really are missing out! My wife and I have had a great time raising our family here. The most frequent question we get about living in the U.P. is, “Isn’t it cold?” Well, yes it is–in the winter–and sometimes even in the not winter. However, seeing as much of the country seems to have warmed to the point where snow is infrequent or quickly melts, winter brings many good things. Perhaps that’ll be a post at some point. Now, if you ask how long winter is…I am withholding comment. For gardeners I’ll just say that we don’t dare put most annuals or veggies in the ground before Memorial Day.

Professionally, I have been involved in education since graduating from Wayne State University in 1989 (you can do the math if you like). I had a great time teaching kids first at Redford High School and then for a decade at Cass Tech High School in Detroit. After fourteen years in the classroom, I decided to move into administration. I’ve held positions as a curriculum director, high school principal and now as a district superintendent. In my roles I’ve worked in urban, suburban, and rural districts, so I feel comfortable on commenting on the realities I experienced in each of those settings.